“Make yourself a mirror accept everything and reflect what you have. You might break fast but your power is something you will never loose.”

In life you have to pass through all the circumstances, go through everything, you cannot ignore it, so accept your life the way it is. But yes, remember you have one life, show everything you can may it be professionally or emotionally. Show your talent in the career you choose and show your love to the people you adore.
In this life, everyone of us is sensitive, but do loose your positiveness when you break down. A mirror breaks down very easily but it does not leave it’s power, it’s essence that is, reflecting things. A broken mirror too reflects things around it completely.


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  1. Hmmm nice one but there are some missing words in it which gives altogether a different meaning of what you want to describe there. It may give a false image of your writting so dear please always read before you post your things. All the very best. I appreciate your writting I will make sure to go through your all the wtittings. And I feel proud that you who is small can come up with something so big . It a talent so dont stop it. Keep writting.

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