From Love To Tears

“We have everything planned
We will be together now”
“I know” I smile through the phone
“I’ll be there at any moment” he whisImagepered

I looked at myself
The mirror gazed at me,
with appreciation
I looked down shyly
I heard a call for ceremonies
I took a final look at myself
and with a smile,
I helped my self down the stairs

I was with loads of people the next moment,
Congratulating and praising me, they smiled
The hall with white and red flowers
The people dressed and happily chirping
I went into the past, the moments I cherished

His company, the sunshine at the beach
His laugh in the rain, watching the drops wash the window sills
His smile,  when he saw me waiting for him
His grin, when he was angry
His sorrow, when he was sad
His tears, when he lost hope
And of course, his delight
When I said “yes” to him

Oh! I’ve been waiting for this moment
Our golden moment, Our marriage
Our day to decide the future together
The day when I’d be his forever
When “I” would become “Us”
This day is our day
We have been waiting for this
To feel this contentment, love and satisfaction

My thoughts broke suddenly
I felt a pain prickle my heart
My face saddened suddenly
Something broke my dreams
I felt an inexplicable pain

I saw my mother rushing to me,
Her face swollen, eyes red
“She is so busy with the preparation” my mind said
“No, something is wrong” my heart shivered
She came to me and looked at me with longing
Her eyes were haunted, full of tears
I looked at her and whispered, “Mom”
She looked at me with helplessness

She hugged me and whispered to me
“He is no more..” I went limp
“His car crashed” My knees went numb
I crashed to the ground
Closed my eyes,  and shuddered
He is gone, and so is “everything” I had

I know the feeling of being loved is, enchanting
But I even know the feeling of loosing that one person, is excruciating
I’ve lost everything I had
I burn each day with my sorrow
I drown in my tears with each sunshine


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