“Mom?” And There’s Silence

I met a girl yesterday
She told me about her life,
She said they had a big house,
And her mother died
When it was a fortnight
There father was sleeping, they cried
But no-one heard, the blood filled the place
And her mother met heaven of the skies

The other day they had a funeral
Her dad smiled, and bought another wife
They had a lady to call mom,
But the word “mom” to them had no meaning
For the woman they saw now was different

If mother, means the feather that protects us
If mom, means having someone to love you unconditionally
If ma, means unlimited care
If mama, means someone who  makes you smile
If mummy, means someone who plays with you
If ama, means someone who caresses you when you are with her
No, she was not worth  being called that

She was scared of her so she planned
To kill our step-mom
“Ah! It was tough
She fought but I won”
The knife drew apart her
And she was gone
But then, I jumped off the stairs
I thought I’d go to my mom
Be seen in the stars”

The next moment, I was shocked
I shivered and my eyes got blurry
When I opened my eyes
She was gone, I could see fog
I shook my head, and went to bed


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