Until The End Scoops me

I saw around, among the pines and thrones
A flight of stairs; red as blood, black as coal
The marble was cold
Felt like ice between the toes

I looked around for another way 
Pale grey stones, monstrous climbers I see
But “No” I thought, “I cannot wait”
For the flowers to grow among the stones

I hopped upon the first step
Cheerful like a morning squirrel, I leapt
I fall down among tearful roses
They shudder with silence as their thrones laugh
But I ignore, seeing the glowing light ahead

I smile and take the next step
I feel like i have the world around
“I’m old enough to make decisions” I think
I am happy, content with my company and fame
The angry, saddening faces, sweet voices, I hear
But alas! I ignore again

I sweep their trembling memories and walk to the next stair
I have responsibilities, but I ignore
I question everything, blame my company
Fight, but I know the time has ran
My ‘tears’ I feel; hot and damp
It has no effect on the stone-heart stair

I limp to the final stair without emotion
My hair are white, white like the ghost’s gown
My skin is rough, like the desert sand
I close my eyes, my last tear escapes 


And then, I find no-one beside me
Not the ice- stair, not the sweet voices- i wait for them
Nor my responsibility needs me anymore
I leave my stairs alone


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