A little glimpse from a little brain- Juvenilism

I thought about writing this, because, I see that only old, experienced people write about teenagers. Yes, they have passed through the phase and so they have the right to talk about it. But do the problems faced by each generation be the same? I would say no. New things come up, new technology comes up etc etc. which brings up new problems. I cannot tell you what my elders or my young ones would have faced or will face in this phase of life. I can only tell you, what I face, I being in the situation, know the situation and know myself more than anyone. And I am a teenager..

I accept the fact, that I had become rude with everyone I saw around, not because I hated them, not because I wanted to. It was just because I was irritated that they wanted me to change every possible thing in me, when I was sweet with my mother for instance, hugged her, kissed her, waved at her while going to school, she said “You are a grown up, behave like a grown up, don’t get childish”. So, I stopped doing all that, now I was supposed to be normal, not sweet, not aggressive but just normal. I don’t know why I couldn’t do that.. It’s something like when you are crying and people ask you to stop crying, you feel like shouting to them “How can I be happy in this situation”. So I became aggressive, angry, rude, easily irritated and the list goes on.Image

I belong to a Indian family, so whenever I used to do a small mistake- like filling tea cups to their top, putting more sugar in coffee than needed, there was a specific dialogue they used, and use it even now, “What are you going to do when you get married, your mother-in-law would never excuse you on such things, you ought to learn all this- bla bla bla”. Instead of taking these things as jokes, I used to get angry on them. How can they put my would-be-mother-in-law in between these small mistakes. I mostly would flee the room, shout something at them or just roll my eyes. 

Okay, so the worst day of life for school kids is the result. It’s never been that tough for me, I am not a topper, but teacher’s like me, I get fine marks. But then, there is a problem there. For example, If I scored below 15 out of a 20 marks paper, my elders would grumble that I should have crossed 15, when I get 19 somehow, they want that 1 mark back!
I’m into teacher’s good books, I am an average scorer sometimes making it to the top, I can write because of which I get appreciation, I go for debates, I can sing, I can dance, I can be into basketball and running, I am not ugly! But they are not satisfied -_-

I understand we are wrong at various places, I know my parents want me at the top not because they would earn something but only because they love me and want me to do good. But yes, at times I (all of the teenagers) would like some appreciation for our good work, that makes us work harder to get something more bigger. 



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