Something that made my day: Liebster Award

When I saw the notification, I was so confused.. “Liebster award” now what does that mean? Well whatever it means, that word “award” was enough for making me happy. Thank you so much for nominating me

According to the information I got from summer’s post on Liebster award and ofcourse I searched what it meant, I found that..
i) You have to write 11 facts about yourself
ii) Answer the questions of the person who nominated you
iii) Nominate other people who have less than 200 followers and yes, notify them on their pages
iv) You have to pose 11 questions to the people you nominate.
v) I forgot to mention, this is for new bloggers like a welcome party!

And then, you’re done!
11 facts:
1) I love music, I sing at school choir and competitions. I start singing anywhere, sometimes in the middle of the maths class which results in my bench-mate staring at me.
2) I love chocolates, but not the ones with nuts and fruits in them. The plain ones, specially galaxy ❤
3) I love to make hairstyles. I’m good at it at times but them when I try it with my own hair, I end up making weird hairstyles
4) I love books, actually novels. Once I start reading, I don’t know if there’s any night or day coming.
5) I love to write too, specially poems
6) I keep thinking, my brain doesn’t rest.
7) I sleep hugging with a teddy, but in the morning you find him off the bed
8) I like to cook at times. I don’t burn anything. (I’m proud of that)
9) I love sketching too, and then I stick those sketches on the walls of my room
10) When I’m bored, I search weird questions on net, like “Why do humans have eye-brows?”
11) I like to jump on couches or soft beds.

Now, the questions
1) Introvert or Extrovert? Books or Movies? Coke or Pepsi? Coffe or Tea? Sleep early or Wake up late?
  I’m Introvert completely. Books, cause I can’t make myself stable for 2 hours to look at a screen and books are better. Wake up late, I can’t sleep early, impossible to me.
2) If telling the truth would mean hurting someone, would it be better to lie?
No. According to me, or according to what I’ve learned from my expieriences, I find that someday we do have to tell the truth. So, when we are late in telling the truth or when we lie, it’s difficult for the other person to accept it. Plus, even if truth hurts, that person won’t loose his/her trust in you and if you lie, you might give the person momentary happiness but you will hurt him later and loose his trust in you too.
3) If you were to make your name into a verb or an adjective what would it mean?
Umm, something like “Enchanting”… that’s the name of my page too. I’d like to create magic.

4) Name 5 of your favourite anything.
My best friend, Brother, Insha di (elder cousin but closer than that), Suzanne Collins(author) , Khaled Hosseini (author again).

5) What would your last words be?
I like the question even when I know it’s tough to answer. If I get a chance to say something, I’d say “Even though life was tough. I enjoyed it, live your life to the fullest, do what you want. Don’t listen to people they don’t own your life.”
And If I have very less time I’d say, “Get me my chocolate”.

6)  If you were to put a tattoo on yourself, what would you write?
I’d write, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

7) Kill or be killed? Why?
Depends on the situation. If the person, I’m fighting is wrong, I’d kill him because it’s better to live in jail than see that person enjoying his/her life. If it’s a different situation, I cannot kill anybody without reason, so I’d get killed.

8) Describe you version of a perfect day.
I don’t think I can compare the days I’ve lived until now. Each day has it’s own importance, it’s own special significance. But still if you want an answer, the day I get an award for writing; and see my parents, my family being proud of me.

9) What are your guilty pleasures?
For now, I can think of only one, I want to go out; live my life like I’ve nothing to care for; night-outs etc etc. It’s not something wrong but it’s just that I’m not allowed to.

10) Any unpopular opinion?
I fail to understand the question.

11) If you could change just one thing, what would it be?
I’d want humanity to be everywhere. That way, there wouldn’t be any crimes, nobody would hurt anyone. The earth would be a better place, more beautiful with everyone happy.

1) Do you think you could live your life as a better person?
2) Have you ever felt guilty about something? If you have, what have you done to get rid of the feeling?
3) What do you think is the best way of living life?
4) What do you think, you would regret in the last days of your life?
5) What does “happiness” mean to you?
6) Whom would you think of an inspiration? Why?
7) If you get a chance to be invisible. What would you like to do?
8) If you would have to take a revenge over something, how would you do it?
9) Which book do you think relates to your life? Why?
10) What is your biggest dream?
11) If you owe something to someone, how do you payback? Or you don’t payback?

I like many bloggers but most of the ones I follow have high followers. So, I tried to search for new bloggers, there are some wonderful people I found 😀 ❤



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