Religon Or Humanity?

Before starting this, I’d like to make something clear.. I do not mean to hurt anybody’s religious views, I follow a religion and I do believe in God. My friend whose an atheist recently told me about his views and they were worth considering so I wanted to write something on this.

We all come in the world with certain religions stamped on us. A baby doesn’t know which family, what religion or what social background he/she is born in it. Our parents and our family has certain religion values and we follow them.
There are times we consider our religious practices more important than humanity. There’s nothing wrong with it. We believe in our respected God’s and we are free to follow a religion.
But questions arise here,
Is our religion more important than humanity? Doesn’t our religion tell us to follow the right path, to follow good deeds? Do we have to fight for the religion in a way that would hurt the sentiments of the other person who follows another religion? Does our religion tell us to distinguish between humans on the grounds of religion? 

Well, according to me, humanity and religion are together. They move hand in hand. Those who follow a religion, have to devote to humanity. Yes, we might come from different religions; Islam, Hinduism, Christian, Buddhism etc etc. But all these religions tell us to follow the path of light, the path that leads to good deeds. The path that enlightens us and the people around us. Now, we humans have made both of these concepts different. According to us religion means praying to God. Offering him things and impressing him and begging him for our benefits. But when God is supreme that means he has everything, if he has created us then he knows us. He knows what we want, he knows what we think and why we do a certain thing. He has created us for humanity. There a saying which says “When you help yourself, God helps you”. It means God is there but he wants you to live the life. If he starts helping you in everything you probably won’t learn anything. The difficulties in our life are there so that we learn from them. We have to learn to be happy on small things, to be able to overcome difficulties on our self. God can give us support but not solve the problems, “He can teach us to swim but at the end we have to cross the sea”.

All religions are our personal identities but humanity is for the benefit of the society. Religion does not mean our satisfaction, our gain, our profit. Religion is on the ground that we as humans live in one world and help each other to live. God cannot help every individual. We all have come in this world to live together not to live for ourselves. To be happy for each other. Not only for our families but for everyone. Every religion teaches us humanity. Praying gives us peace, makes us feel pure, makes us think wise. But for what do we need peace, why do we need to be pure, why do we have to be wise? For humanity, to spread love, to help, to make others smile, to understand people.
We follow a religion does not mean that we got so intense in our religion that we forget that apart from praying, there is something called “humanity”. And first doing wrong things and they praying won’t take us anywhere.
Someone who is into a scientific field told me once “God is created by humans. It’s our imagination so that we follow the right path. So, that we are scared to die”

I mentioned my friend who is an atheist, I am going to convey his exact words:
“What is the use of religion. My parents go on chanting mantaras and offering laddu’s (sweet dish), milk, ghee (butter oil) and so many things to bhagwan ji (God). But I do not understand, I mean there are hundreds and thousands of poor people outside the gate who die for one piece of dry bread and we put all the ghee, milk and laddu’s for bhagwan ji. If Bhagwan is supreme, why does he need all of this?”

I replied to him saying that “It’s because people want satisfaction that they did some offering to their God”
He asked me something in response, ” Why do you go to Ajmer Sharif (religious place in India for muslims) and give that money to the maulvi (head of the place who performs the religious ceremonies)?
I replied, “It’s because we want to offer him something as we were blessed to enter such a pure place.”
He said, “He is already rich as he has a house, food and he has his necessities for living fulfilled. Have you noticed the people outside the tomb. There are so many poor people. What do they get? Nothing at all. They keep crying with infants and yet they get nothing. We ignore their pleads, we ignore their infants whom we call angels because of one simple reason, we think they are thieves and they lie. Well even if they are thieves and they are lieing, don’t they need to feed their family. Don’t they harm their dignity by falling in feet of people for a five rupee coin and still they get nothing. And compared to the maulvi, aren’t they more needy?


He gave me an example from two basic religions followed in our country. I did not have a perfect answer for any of them. I did not have a way to debate with him knowing that he was right somewhere. Apart from the fact he was questioning my religion and  the religion of the people around me. It was true. In practices of both these religions, we forgot humanity. We forgot that God will be happy if we help those needy, poor people.

Now you might know India has so many religions, some of them we do not even know.  According to all these people who follow different religions, there own religion is right. Of course for me, my religion is right and for you, your religion is right. We cannot comment of any religion as we do not know the story behind their practices.  I come across many communities fighting each other to prove their religion supreme. No religion is supreme, there is one God for everyone so what is the point of fighting? And your fighting won’t make the person believe you, it will make your respect go down.  “Live and let live”. Don’t forget that with practicing your religion you have to respect other religions.

I do not forbade you to follow your religion, I just want you to remember ‘Humanity’ is a part of your religion.



3 thoughts on “Religon Or Humanity?

  1. Unless a person’s religion is followed within a framework of good for all humanity, that person is a fraud. Personally I find religion a fraud. If mankind were able to communicate with his/her ‘god’ directly, I’d be OK with that: but there is always the layer interspersed between – the layer of the holy man, the priest, the spiritual advisor, the maulvi. If all these people were removed, and mankind left to himself, we would all be a lot better off.

    1. Certainly true. All those people who are interspersed in between at times take themselves to be God and then they start spreading things which come against humanity. That’s where everything goes wrong and following a religion becomes coming against humanity.

      Oh and P.s. -> Thank you for reading such a long article. 🙂

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