Towards The Black

It’s complete darkness
I feel my blood thumping
My words have no voice with them
My tears have gone dry

I am crouched in a corner                                                Image
Spots on blood on the matress
A pool of blood at the door

I dare not move
I dare not whisper
I dare not raise my eyes

I stay there like a painted lady
In a painted room

The dreams seem so real now
The desires are washed with the rain
The heart has crumpled to a tiny dot
The soul has flown with the wind
The body breathes alone, without living

I hide from my shadow
I am scared of my reflection

My limbs refuse to move
My throat refuses to spin a word
My eyes refuse to squeeze a drop

I have become Icarus to the sun
I have become moth to the lamp
I have become slave to the darkness
It endures me

I am now led towards the black


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