The inner peace award

I am very thankful to Don Charisma for awarding me this. Actually I’m overwhelmed, he is so good at his work and he has so much of appreciation, he is so inspirational that receiving anything from him, even if I get his “like” on my work is overwhelming to me.
I accept the award but with that I’d like to thank everybody who reads my work, who takes out time to give it a little review. I’d not imagined to get so much appreciation so fast. Practically everybody I know on this site (by knowing I mean, the people i’ve communicated through writing blog) is elder to me, they are way more experienced and way more talented. They are very inspirational to me, I see some blogs and I find how beautiful and easy my life has been.

Image Image

Now, coming to the condition of the blog, I have to write why I am accepting the award?
From the time, I have been a baby. I’ve been pampered and loved, I’ve actually lived like a princess. My parents tell me I’ve been a different child, I’ve never asked my dad to get me chocolates, never cried for a doll and all that stuff. And some people tell me, I’ve started to understand things before my age. But then, there’s only one little mantra I have in my life, I’ve dreamt innumerable things, but I never expected them to be true, them to get real.
I accept the award also because I believe in any situation of my life, I’d never fret about anything. I’d accept life as it comes. I’d try to be a better person than I am.

I’d forward the award but I’m so sorry. I have my school and all of that stuff that I have to run for tuition now. And also, I’m really sorry for not writing anything. But I seriously don’t get time. >.< The school gets so much more busier and I hate the education system now. 😛
So, everybody whom I follow, I think everybody has inner peace. Because I believe that anybody who can write has “inner peace”.



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