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Dear Nineteenth Candle

I don’t want you to be like the last one
but I don’t want you to be any different
I want you to teach me grace that let’s
your fire burn while it blesses
I want you to teach me the courage in dark
that lets you rebel and stay in harmony
I want you to teach me to melt
while I hurt but also hurt before I stifle
I want you to teach me to be me in all my
faults and in all my deformed stages
I want you to teach me that the
little space I light is enough
I want you to teach me to stay,
just stay.

I want you to teach me
to be admired and feared

-Hafsa Baba




The stars don’t watch over me anymore
they’re tired of seeing the triangles
in my notebook trying to replicate them,
failing at every attempt even after
watching them every night
I can’t possibly gather all their brightness
in white sheets of paper so instead
I’ll try limning it in ink
in hope that they’re impressed

The sun doesn’t rouse me anymore
it throws its rays around me
not letting them through me
it sets whenever I try to abut him
leaving me alone to watch the light depart
to hide behind the clouds
so they don’t hear me call again but
I’ll try limning it in ink
in hope that they reach me

The wind doesn’t touch me anymore
it just passes through now
I’ve tried stopping it with my fingers
but it rushes through the gaps between them
I try watching it from distance sometimes
but my eyes can’t espy its colours
it hurries to hide behind achromaticity
I’ll try limning it in ink
in hope that it hold me

I hope that hope doesn’t become hopeless everytime
I try, extorting me to capitulate
to living without life



You don’t have a lot of words
perhaps they’re lost in the air
trying to search their way
but not reaching far enough

I do see your words

In perfumes bottles
with fragrances that sing so loudly
that modesty dances with confidence
and they’re all I can hear

In the heavy pens you carry
so I know that everything
you wanted to say was
too heavy, to be uttered

In long gaps of silence
that hang around
until I fathom syllables
to hear what I wish to listen

You’ve never said “I love you”
and neither have I
perhaps it’d be too obvious to state
and so I learnt to ink it

I love you



Ice Cream


You can taste me with your tongue
Circle around my curves until I melt

I’ll fill the gaps between your teeth for a moment
until you pull me down to your neck

I’ll leave you with cold sweetness
on the tip of your tongue
that agitates you with thirst
until you want me more, again

I’ll drip down from the corners of your lips
leave a trail that binds you and me
be safe in the ridge over your lip
until you lick every last bit of me

In the end
I’ll let you,
without any flak
consume me

KASHMIR: 1989-2016

Kashmir has been in the headlines for a long period of time and yet the dispute remains unsolved. So many lives are lost at an alarming rate. Reaching to the roots of the dispute between the army and the civilians. There have been so many human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir. The abuses range from mass killings, forced disappearances, torture, rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech.
Why does the army have such rights:
1) Fire blindly upon people (never mind there can be innocents and children included), even if this 14yr old girl and the 12yr old boy was standing on the road, why were they shot? It is obvious that a 14yr and a 12yr old is not a criminal.
2) Arrest people without a warrant which has led to numerous fake encounters causing so many deaths of innocents.
3) Army men have searched houses during which they rapes women, tortured so many innocents and killed so many innocents. For example: Kunan Poshwara Incident
4)There can be no prosecution, suit or any other legal proceeding against them which makes them free to roam around even though they’re criminals.
Now I’m not saying the whole Indian army is the same, full of people who do wrong. There are great people in the army. I do respect the army men who keep me safe, how do I respect the army who scares me?
40 people have been killed and where do we exactly find the proof that all of them were militants? Yes, they pelted stones on the army. But there have been numerous protests around India and nobody has been shot. Maybe they had an innocent child who’d died earlier and the person was protesting for him, maybe they had a daughter/sister raped and they were protesting for her. In a democratic country such protests can be accepted.
For example:
1) The protest in Delhi for the rape of the 23 year old.
2) The protest by Jaats when they were not given reserved seats.
3) The Indian anti-corruption movement.
If you actually consider Kashmir a state of India within all situations, why can’t a protest be handled as it is handled in other states. They’re using stones, stones can be revanged by stones (in extreme situations), why do you have to use guns?
What about the poor people who depend upon their everyday earnings to buy food. Won’t they starve to death if a curfew lasts for longer period?

The puny coil

Eyes haggard, lashes falling out
Sitting by the window
Still svelte bones, all inutile
Fingers painted in red
Delicate but drained of all wine

Mom would scamper when she’d walk
Now she awaits the moment
Words still spill out like ancient songs
But like mom knew footprints didn’t last
Memory always lasts, breath does not

From sleeping beds to walking chairs
There must be a reason of her iced life
Maybe just to uphold poignant life
Darkening her own moon
She sits by the window awaiting her son



Of the treasured aurora
Not a spoonful entered her eyes
The glass of her windows 
Marked with their elfin fingers in fog 
Now had dragged drops of dried blood 
The wooden walls they had lined with daub
Had heard the sudden ado
Echoed with alarming frequency
They were hiding in narrow streets yesterday
She would call for them and hear another muzzle
In vent to save them this time
She would scamper to the turf
Only to be greeted by another set of uniform
Poised at the banks of gory Jhelum she’d see them
Drowned in water that wouldn’t stop touching her toes