Huge Black eyes



Huge black eyes, that follow her step
Claiming her feet with silver claws
They scratch the flesh leaving  scars
The blood drips over the brown wet mud
Grabbing her knees they hold her back

Huge black eyes, that utter darkness
They breathe to suffocate her chest
Leaping through her way she reaches the feast
The silver claws come haunting to pull out her roots

Huge black eyes, surround her soul
The dark blood leaves roses on dry mud
Yet to see the thrones she crawls her way
The dew in her arouses to leave
The vigorous laugh shudders her soul
She moves with slow, yet graceful steps
Reaching her sky she prays to death
Huge black, eyes knit her lips


Untitled 2

Time traveled the wide oceans
We left those Patio’s
But yet I look up to you in those stars
You yet don’t forget to be the Vega

The ropes we tied, the barriers we crossed
They chained my soul, crossed my heart
The flowers we grew, the fences we broke
They raise my hope, break my utopia

You evaded darkness
You brought words to life
You made the methuselah bright
You made silence sing to you

You made pain endurable
You made happiness limitless
You made life alluring



Let your self burn slowly
In the flame of life
Your fragile dreams are glass
They might break
Take it slow
Take a breath

In the beautiful sunlight
Bask only for moments
Look into your thumping heart
Dreams you’ve already woven
They pierce you slowly
Let them come out
Let them live that beauty

You cannot stop the time
You cannot hold your fate
The sky will never fall on your feet
Take it slow, Burn in the flame

I’m draped in pride, Not in blood

Nay, I say, I ain’t a criminal
They burnt my house
I swear, I saw the smoke evoke                    
Black, and misty it surrounded
I cried until my lungs burnt
In the mist a red lurked
A woman’s voice, mother she was
A man in black ran for cause
Caught in spear his body lumped
He fell, his face in pain, still my dad

Nay, I ain’t a criminal
No, it wasn’t my kill
Burning lungs, dismembered heart
Was all I wanted to alleviate
A mother’s heart, father’s pride
Was all I wanted to emancipate

Nay, I ain’t a criminal
And yet I let you choke me
With respectful, peaceful white ropes
Around my nape -draped in pride