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The puny coil

Eyes haggard, lashes falling out
Sitting by the window
Still svelte bones, all inutile
Fingers painted in red
Delicate but drained of all wine

Mom would scamper when she’d walk
Now she awaits the moment
Words still spill out like ancient songs
But like mom knew footprints didn’t last
Memory always lasts, breath does not

From sleeping beds to walking chairs
There must be a reason of her iced life
Maybe just to uphold poignant life
Darkening her own moon
She sits by the window awaiting her son



Until The End Scoops me

I saw around, among the pines and thrones
A flight of stairs; red as blood, black as coal
The marble was cold
Felt like ice between the toes

I looked around for another way 
Pale grey stones, monstrous climbers I see
But “No” I thought, “I cannot wait”
For the flowers to grow among the stones

I hopped upon the first step
Cheerful like a morning squirrel, I leapt
I fall down among tearful roses
They shudder with silence as their thrones laugh
But I ignore, seeing the glowing light ahead

I smile and take the next step
I feel like i have the world around
“I’m old enough to make decisions” I think
I am happy, content with my company and fame
The angry, saddening faces, sweet voices, I hear
But alas! I ignore again

I sweep their trembling memories and walk to the next stair
I have responsibilities, but I ignore
I question everything, blame my company
Fight, but I know the time has ran
My ‘tears’ I feel; hot and damp
It has no effect on the stone-heart stair

I limp to the final stair without emotion
My hair are white, white like the ghost’s gown
My skin is rough, like the desert sand
I close my eyes, my last tear escapes 


And then, I find no-one beside me
Not the ice- stair, not the sweet voices- i wait for them
Nor my responsibility needs me anymore
I leave my stairs alone

“Mom?” And There’s Silence

I met a girl yesterday
She told me about her life,
She said they had a big house,
And her mother died
When it was a fortnight
There father was sleeping, they cried
But no-one heard, the blood filled the place
And her mother met heaven of the skies

The other day they had a funeral
Her dad smiled, and bought another wife
They had a lady to call mom,
But the word “mom” to them had no meaning
For the woman they saw now was different

If mother, means the feather that protects us
If mom, means having someone to love you unconditionally
If ma, means unlimited care
If mama, means someone who  makes you smile
If mummy, means someone who plays with you
If ama, means someone who caresses you when you are with her
No, she was not worth  being called that

She was scared of her so she planned
To kill our step-mom
“Ah! It was tough
She fought but I won”
The knife drew apart her
And she was gone
But then, I jumped off the stairs
I thought I’d go to my mom
Be seen in the stars”

The next moment, I was shocked
I shivered and my eyes got blurry
When I opened my eyes
She was gone, I could see fog
I shook my head, and went to bed