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The puny coil

Eyes haggard, lashes falling out
Sitting by the window
Still svelte bones, all inutile
Fingers painted in red
Delicate but drained of all wine

Mom would scamper when she’d walk
Now she awaits the moment
Words still spill out like ancient songs
But like mom knew footprints didn’t last
Memory always lasts, breath does not

From sleeping beds to walking chairs
There must be a reason of her iced life
Maybe just to uphold poignant life
Darkening her own moon
She sits by the window awaiting her son



I’m draped in pride, Not in blood

Nay, I say, I ain’t a criminal
They burnt my house
I swear, I saw the smoke evoke                    
Black, and misty it surrounded
I cried until my lungs burnt
In the mist a red lurked
A woman’s voice, mother she was
A man in black ran for cause
Caught in spear his body lumped
He fell, his face in pain, still my dad

Nay, I ain’t a criminal
No, it wasn’t my kill
Burning lungs, dismembered heart
Was all I wanted to alleviate
A mother’s heart, father’s pride
Was all I wanted to emancipate

Nay, I ain’t a criminal
And yet I let you choke me
With respectful, peaceful white ropes
Around my nape -draped in pride