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On a stranded road
Where fear shivered on every bow
Where the world was lost in a wink
In a sudden hour, the gust forked away
The only companion- shadow departed
Where every marred heart lost its music

Laconism walks every step
Where fires burn in rainstorms
Where dreams- wish for a rainbow at night
The dew drops freeze in the sun
Wish for the time to fly, but it awaits
It awaits and then longs to run

An opened chamber cannot be shut
It flows like a volcano in winter
Yearn to forget, cease to remember
Run from warmth, scared to shiver
Slowly and then suddenly
Fall apart and vacate


I’m draped in pride, Not in blood

Nay, I say, I ain’t a criminal
They burnt my house
I swear, I saw the smoke evoke                    
Black, and misty it surrounded
I cried until my lungs burnt
In the mist a red lurked
A woman’s voice, mother she was
A man in black ran for cause
Caught in spear his body lumped
He fell, his face in pain, still my dad

Nay, I ain’t a criminal
No, it wasn’t my kill
Burning lungs, dismembered heart
Was all I wanted to alleviate
A mother’s heart, father’s pride
Was all I wanted to emancipate

Nay, I ain’t a criminal
And yet I let you choke me
With respectful, peaceful white ropes
Around my nape -draped in pride

Towards The Black

It’s complete darkness
I feel my blood thumping
My words have no voice with them
My tears have gone dry

I am crouched in a corner                                                Image
Spots on blood on the matress
A pool of blood at the door

I dare not move
I dare not whisper
I dare not raise my eyes

I stay there like a painted lady
In a painted room

The dreams seem so real now
The desires are washed with the rain
The heart has crumpled to a tiny dot
The soul has flown with the wind
The body breathes alone, without living

I hide from my shadow
I am scared of my reflection

My limbs refuse to move
My throat refuses to spin a word
My eyes refuse to squeeze a drop

I have become Icarus to the sun
I have become moth to the lamp
I have become slave to the darkness
It endures me

I am now led towards the black